Why the Coalition?

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was developed to improve the college application process for all students as they search for and apply to their perfect college. The platform provides a single, centralized toolkit for students to organize, build, and refine their applications to numerous institutions.

In addition, Coalition members hold values and beliefs that align with recent research which, among other things, demonstrates that students thinking about college early in high school begets higher application rates.

Values & Beliefs

The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success is grounded in some fundamental values and beliefs:

  • We believe that students come first and that the platform we are developing will provide a supportive college exploration and application process that encourages reflection and self-discovery;
  • We believe that early engagement supports under-resourced students during the college preparation process;
  • We believe that our individual efforts to promote access can be significantly enhanced through the efforts of the Coalition and this free tool to schools and community-based organizations;
  • We believe that the college admission process needs ongoing innovation and improvement and that competition is a positive force for change;
  • We believe that we can leverage technology to level the playing field in college preparation.

And here are some equally important statements about what we do NOT believe:

  • We don’t believe we have a corner on access—many institutions do great work to provide access. Our work is grounded in research about the outcomes for students who can be financially supported throughout their college careers;
  • We don’t believe we have all the answers, but we are committed to working together to improve the admission process. The visibility and impact of this group of institutions confers a responsibility to act ethically and do our best work to bring about positive change;
  • We don’t believe we will get it all right in the first iteration and are committed to a process of assessment and continuous improvement;
  • We don’t believe we can make change overnight. It will take time, significant effort, listening to counselors and students and more.