About the CCID Registry

CCID RegistryThe CCID Registry is a vetted, national registry of community-based organizations (CBOs) and college access organizations that support and advise students in their college preparations.

Through the CCID Registry, Coalition member schools can easily learn about, reach out to, and potentially recruit from organizations that help prepare students for college — and those organizations can share their profiles and programs with Coalition schools.

Beyond connecting member schools with these organizations, we believe that the CCID Registry will create many opportunities to build connections among all student supporters.

“As director of a community-based organization that helps inner-city students prepare for college, I’m really excited about the connections that will be made between CBOs and colleges thanks to the Coalition’s CCID Registry, and how those connections will benefit students like those we serve every day.”

— Sara Urquidez, executive director, Academic Success Program (ASP) Dallas

Here’s how it works:

A CBO or college access organization that is nonprofit, provides support services to students (preK-14), and/or directly advises students in their college search (like an after-school program or a local scholarship fund) registers for a permanent ID number, known as a CCID.

Then, students who have participated in a program or received support services can input the organization’s CCID in their MyCoalition Profile.

The CCID does not change, and, every year, important information about the organization, like number of students served and staff contact information, can be updated.

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